Friday, November 20, 2009

This is My Father's World

I continue to remember this very deeply.

My father brought me to sit with him at the Masland Church of Sibu all those long years ago - on the right hand side - the men's rows.

The black belian benches were cold and I felt very small amongst the "big people". The big painting of Jesus praying in the garden took most of my attention because I wasn't really having good concentration.

But Father was not at all amused as he was a very serious man. I squirmed a little in my frock - with all the smocking in the front and a bow at the back. I continued to look at my red leather (a little tight though) Bata shoes and my white socks. One look from him was enough to make me stand at attention. This was his POWER.

May be my feminine side was developing very strongly at that time even. I was wondering why families were not seated together in this church like in the pictures I have seen.

My maternal grandmother was seated amongst the women.

Somehow I remember the congregation singing "This is My Father's World". I read the Hymnal which was in Chinese but the title was "This is My Father's World". In my small mind I was thinking....they were singing about my father - who was standing next to me.....Smile.

Luckily I knew the Chinese words "Tien Fu" referring to God.

I had no idea that later in my life a very important political issue would be based on the word "power"...and it has been difficult indeed to live in "My Father's World" which was torn by war and bloodshed.

And that we have to FIGHT for PEACE or ESCAPE to FREEDOM....and even to NEGOTIATE for RIGHTS.

But every time we sing this hymn I would indeed remember my father even though he has left this world for more than 40 years!


  1. This song and For the Beauty of this world, were the first two I learnt in methodist pri school I can still rememebr them though, people /churches don't sing them any more.

    Re: ukulele, remember the hawaiian dance was a very popular dance for school concerts?

    Ukuleles are relatively cheap instruments, out Polynesian students are encouraged to learn it. The school had on loan some too.

  2. I love this hymn. It's one of my fave.